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Reputation Management

They say: It takes years to build a reputation but only minutes to lose it. We at ‘Clearpath Technology’ are at your service to manage your reputation for you. We are sure that you understand the importance of Reputation Management, but you are a busy body and hardly have time. We understand that and offer you our Reputation Management services.


Reputation Management is a way to deal with the reputation of information. Just like your organizational management, risk management, crisis management, Reputation Management is also important for your business.


If your company has suffered such reputation damage in different forms then our Reputation Management professionals can easily track the actions and the opinions of those actions of any entity. The tracking is mainly done by statistical analysis. They also go into interpersonal communication to deal with the issue. International diplomacy, marketing and public relations are also pulled in to the arena of managing your reputation.


There are a lot of ways of Reputation Management to deal with the Search Engine Optimization. These days the online business is standing on the foundation of online searches. There may be various reasons that could damage the reputation of the business. In such a scenario it is now been inevitable for the companies to take resort to Search Engine Reputation Management (abbreviated as SERM). By this the damage that is caused by any ‘inflammatory’ website can also be tackled. Since the system is so dynamic, it requires a frequent check about any kinds of reputation damage.


The platforms like blogs, websites and community forums have provided the public to voice their opinion about the products or the services. These also help the other customers to be aware about the pros and cons of the product or the services. But a lot of people in disguise may post negative comments and hamper the reputation for your business. If your company has about 70 per cent of comments which are negative, then be assure people will first click on the negative ones. Our Reputation Management team will help you keep away such posts, but anonymous posts will find a place.


Every derogatory comments are deleted and a clean reputation is maintained. You have a small business the management process is even more important. Big businesses which have already marked a position for them do not get the blows by small fidgets. The smaller companies might have more competitors who may try to damage their reputation and drag you down from the ladder of success. People need to speak positive about your business, which will fetch you the desired result in your business.


Our professionals help you to gain insight about the products and services offered by your competitor, let you know how to engage your customers, do a lot of PR for your company. Why would you want others to put a spot on your reputation when we are there to help you out? We have been managing reputation for years and our clients are ever smiling since then.